What's it look like ?


Peel & Stick Hide-a-Chip

With 5 different shades of WHITE, one will cover the chip with a near perfect color match. Each patch is 2 x 3 inches in size to allow you to cover a very large chip, or cut to size to cover a quarter size chip.


Patent Pending Peel & Stick Bathtub or Appliance Chip Repair Kit.

With being in the bathtub repair and refinishing business since 1980, almost 40 years, I will charge a customer $150 to $250 to fix a chip in their bathtub. But I always thought there should be a better way for the customer. If you go to Home Depot or other hardware stores you get bottles of epoxy paint that you mix and brush on. Then hope the kids or pets don't get to it before it dries. NOT ANY MORE!!!. Simply see which patch matches best, then Peel & Stick, and no drying time.


Order today and save, only $14.95

Use this kit to repair Porcelain Bathtubs, Fiberglass Tub/ Shower units, Acrylic tubs, Bathroom Wall Tile, and Kitchen Tile. There are many uses for our chip repair kit.